Home Buyer University

I'm Proud of what I do.
Hello, my name is Jamie Lee Chafin. I have over 20 years experience in the mortgage and real estate business. I personally have helped over 1500 families in the Richmond area with their mortgage loans. I am very proud of that.

The Rules Have Changed.

Buying a home these days can be tough. The rules have changed. It's no longer about calling a real estate agent, looking at houses, putting in offer, and then hoping to get a mortgage loan.

Great Agents vs. Bad Agents

In fact, most good real estate agents won't even show you a home unless you're approved for a mortgage loan first. (You wouldn't want to work with a bad agent would you? Don't worry... we'll help you select one of the best if you like.)

Is it really free? You betcha. Here's why.

Below are just a few of the things we go over at the
Home Buyer University. All of this is done free of charge to you. It is my way of giving back and paying it forward to the Richmond community that has been so good to me. 

Yes, I do. No, You Don't.

Yes, I originate mortgage loans today. Yes, I'm  registered with the NMLS and my number is 322986. Yes, I'm licensed as an Assoc. Broker with a local real estate firm. No, you don't have to use any of my services.

Good People. Very Bad Advice.

I've seen so many good people taken advantage of when it comes to buying a home and getting a mortgage, that, quite frankly, makes me sick. That's another reason why I started the Home Buyer University.

Here's What You Get.

  • All classes / consultations are done on a mutually acceptable time.
  • What's your perfect scenario? 
  • When do you want to make a move? Are you moving up or are you a first timer?
  • How's your credit? The most important thing. You will get all 3 of your credit scores if you allow me to retrieve your credit report. I must have written permission to do that for you.
  • A professional review of your credit report. Is it great, just fine, will it work, or do you need help?
  • Your Income. Sounds silly, most people don't know how much they make.
  • Your payment? How much? Are you sure? 
  • Down Payment. Do you need one? Does it make sense? Is it your money? Did you serve? 
  • Mortgage Insurance. What is it? Do you need it? Monthly, Up Front, Split Premium, Single Premium, Lender Paid, and can you avoid it? 
  • Qualifying Ratios. What's the norm? Where do you fit? How to improve. Does it make sense?
  • Loan Types. FHA, VA, Conventional, VHDA, USDA. Which one works best for you?
  • What are closing costs? How Much? Who pays? Is it you?
  • How about Pre-paids? What the heck are those?
  • Interest Rates? Believe it or not, the lowest rate may not be the best rate for you. It depends.... on you.
  • Real Estate Cash Flow. How much do you need and when do you need it. This could be a game changer. 
  • Home Inspections. Are they really worth the money? 
  • Real Estate Agents. Are they really working for you?
  • Preferred Lenders or In House Lenders. Are they good for you?
  • How to Bullet Proof Your Mortgage Loan Approval.
  • What all lenders need to get your loan approved.
The above represents just 20 of the topics that we go over. There are more. As you can probably tell, getting a mortgage loan that makes sense to you and your family takes planning.

Here's What You Need To Do Right Now.

If being a Smart Home Buyer™ makes sense to you, then here is what you need to do right now. 
Pick up your smart phone .
Call or Text Jamie at 804.347.2002
Email Jamie at jamieleechafin@gmail.com

REMEMBER. All of this is at no charge to you.